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After the “dilemma of the century” with thinning hair, it is quite bald that back pain also begins to depend on young people. Sore back at get off work, and Ge You paralyzed after work, is a true portrayal of many migrant workers who were forced to introvert.

The lumbar vertebrae of migrant workers leaning forward while working at their desks, or the posture of playing with mobile phones in a crooked, twisted and paralyzed manner actually causes great damage to the lumbar vertebrae. The lumbar spine that holds grudges is likely to make you listen to the “sweet” sound of bones, or become a plastic sister that makes your back stiff and can’t bend at all.

At this point, your sitting posture is very important.

The office chair may be the support force for your good sitting posture, or it may be the pig teammate who drags you into the water. What is good sitting posture? How to choose an office chair? Today’s article tells you the answer.


“Comfortable” sitting position actually hurts the waist

What is good sitting posture? It mainly depends on two points: one is the physiological curvature of the spine, and the other is the pressure on the intervertebral disc.

If you look closely at the human skeleton model, you will find that although the human spine is straight from the front, you can see a longitudinally elongated, small S-curve from the side, which is what we call the physiological curvature.

The adult spine consists of 24 overlapping cylindrical vertebrae, as well as the sacrum and coccyx. The cartilage connection between the vertebral bodies of two adjacent vertebrae is called the intervertebral disc. The significance of the intervertebral disc is actually to make the spine have a certain degree of mobility, which shows its importance.

The physiological curvature of the human spine is “S” shaped, and the vertebral bodies are connected by intervertebral discs / NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE

And those sitting positions that look very “comfortable” are actually putting a lot of pressure on your spine.

You must have had this experience: when you sit and sit, your body will collapse unconsciously, until your waist is completely suspended in the chair, and when you touch your back, you will find that the spine has lost its normal function Physiological curvature.

At this time, an abnormal pressure load will be distributed on the intervertebral disc. In the long run, it will offend it, thus affecting the mobility of the spine, the results can be imagined.

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In fact, paralyzing the waist without support puts a lot of pressure on the spine

There are also some students who like to put their hands in front of the computer, round their shoulders, cover their chests, and probe their necks. This action will make the thoracic vertebrae bend too much and the cervical vertebrae curvature will become smaller, which will make the lumbar curvature smaller and too straight, which may also occur for a long time. Problems with the lumbar spine.

Some scholars have tried to use X-ray imaging technology to explore the changes of the lumbar spine curve when the human body assumes different postures. The results showed that the lumbar spine curves differed significantly between various postures, such as lying, standing, and sitting.

Lying on the side is really the most relaxing position. If the thighs and calves are slightly bent, the spine can maintain its natural shape and the back muscles can be relaxed to a greater extent.

The older generation often said that there is a scientific basis for placing something under the calf before going to bed / bodycarechiro

That is to say, “lying flat” on the side is the best choice for workers without hurting the waist, followed by standing.

However, once you dare to lie on the side of the office to work, the caring leader should let you pack up and go home immediately, but you can lie down if you want (smile).

That’s all, you still have to straighten your body and maintain an elegant, dignified, reserved, and well-behaved posture.


Ergonomic seat, really useful

So, what is a good sitting posture?

The so-called good sitting posture requires the body to maintain a normal physiological curvature of the spine, which can generate the most appropriate pressure, distribute it on the intervertebral disc between the vertebrae, and distribute an appropriate and uniform static load on the attached muscle tissue.

Does it feel abstract? Simply put, it is to maintain the posture as shown below.

Check the picture to see if your sitting posture is correct / bodycarechiro

However, the curved structure design of ordinary office chairs is unreasonable, and many are just a flat seat cushion and a vertical backrest. Such a curved structure cannot achieve the effect of stabilizing the human pelvis and maintaining the normal physiological curvature of the human spine, and cannot provide a reasonable distribution of body pressure.

Ordinary office chairs can’t provide enough support for the spine and will be very tired after sitting for a long time / Vision China

In the absence of lumbar support, migrant workers would even want to bend over and sit paralyzed, which would be very relaxing. Although the muscles do not exert much force at this time, the pressure on the intervertebral disc will increase.

The magic weapon to keep the pressure on the intervertebral disc is to maintain the S-shaped curve of the spine. However, even if everyone understands the truth, perseverance is not easy.

If you try to maintain it for an hour, you will find that the force of your back muscles has been in a state of tension at this time, like being forced to pull a bow all the time, just south and south.

At this time, the external hanging of the ergonomic seat is blessed.

The lumbar and sacral vertebrae are the most important parts of seat design. In a seated position, it is the vertebrae, intervertebral discs, and the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that attach to them that bear their “heavy weight” and overcome most of your body weight.

In a seated position, your lumbar and sacral spine carries the majority of your weight / Caroline VanSickle

Simply put, the main function of the basic ergonomic chair is to use the lumbar support to provide basic support for the waist. By balancing the force, the back presents an S-shaped curve on the back of the chair, reducing the pressure on the lumbar spine until it is close to the standard standing posture. .

An ergonomic chair can help you form a correct sitting posture / posturite

At the same time, it increases the angle between the seat plate and the seat back, so that the pelvis remains relatively neutral and the spine does not bend too much.

In addition, the seat cushion of some ergonomic seats will also have a slightly backward angle. Due to the center of gravity, the torso will move to the back to support the back, reduce the force of the back muscles, and will not make you tired.

Reclining the seat helps relieve back muscle tension / Herman Miller

In the case of prolonged sitting, the seat cushion can also be tilted back to prevent the hips from gradually sliding out of the seat surface, increasing stability. This will also prevent you from “slumping” on the chair.

So pay attention, if the seat surface of your current ordinary work chair is a forward tilt type, remember to manually add an elastic seat cushion. Otherwise, the forward-leaning seat surface will reduce body stability and increase the possibility of sliding forward.

The black technology of some ergonomic seats also uses the laws of physics and the user’s own weight to adjust. The seat automatically reclines according to the body weight and relies on a mechanical system to provide the proper recline with tension.


Ergonomic seats, how to choose

In general, the first principle of our selection is that the chair should support and help us maintain a reasonable sitting position as much as possible. In addition to the existence of lumbar support, the more the curve design of the chair back conforms to the natural state of the human body, the better the curvature of the spine.

In addition, it is also necessary to focus on individual needs, including individual body differences and demand scenarios. For example, tall people need to consider the issue of height adjustment; if there is a need for a lunch break, they also need to pay attention to the adjustable angle of the neck pillow and chair back.

Having an ergonomic chair that can be reclined at a large angle of 160° is an artifact for a lunch break.

If all conditions are met, if we still fall into the phobia of choice, we can consider another criterion: whether it is concise and easy to adjust.

This is also a very important point, after all, time as a worker is money.

In order to facilitate your selection, we have broken down the selection criteria into 7 intuitive points:

lumbar support

The existence of the lumbar pillow is very necessary. Studies have shown that adjustable lumbar pillows are sufficient to assist the treatment of lumbar disc herniation, and can partially improve the physiological curvature of the lumbar spine.

Therefore, there is no doubt that the lumbar pillow on the backrest can support the lumbar spine. However, the height of the lumbar pillow needs to be determined according to the height, and it needs to have good adjustability.

Generally speaking, the height of the lumbar pillow is suitable for the upper and lower lumbar vertebrae.

The arc of the lumbar support is very important. It is necessary to timely feedback the strength of the support to protect the waist.

So how should the fourth lumbar vertebra be positioned? At this time, two lines are needed, the horizontal line and the vertical line. The vertical line is the line connecting the middle of the back spine, and the horizontal line is the line connecting the iliac crests on both sides, that is, the more prominent bones on both sides of the waist when akimbo.

The focus of the horizontal line connecting the iliac crests on both sides and the midline of the spine is the spinous process of the fourth lumbar vertebra, which is the location of the fourth lumbar vertebra.

backrest angle

First of all, hit the key point. To get close to the natural shape of the waist, you need to have a backrest angle of about 115°. Roughly showing a small obtuse angle rather than a more right angle, one is to prevent you from slipping forward while sitting, and the other is to use it as a guide for the lumbar area to rest on the backrest.

Of course, demand scenarios also need to be considered. After studying the optimal backrest angle setting of leisure chairs for various occasions, foreign scholars suggest that the optimal angle for reading is 101-104°, and the optimal angle for leisure chairs is 105-108°.

Custom ergonomic support backrest angle allows the spine to be in the normal “S” shape / Okamura

If you think that only children make choices, and I want them all, then choose a seat with a large range of adjustment.

Seat height and seating surface

The appropriate seat height should keep the workers’ thighs horizontal, their calves vertical, and their legs flat on the ground.

Because the soft muscles at the bottom of the thighs are not suitable to withstand excessive pressure, if the seat is too high, or the legs are short and the legs often need to be suspended, the front end of the seat cushion will put pressure on your soft flesh and hinder blood circulation. Causes numbness in the calf.

If you have long legs that make you lemony, you have to leave the seat problem.

If the seat surface is too low, the long legs will suffer. At this time, in order to sit firmly, the backward leaning posture will cause the pelvis to tilt backward, causing the S-shaped waist curve to become straight, then the ergonomic seat you bought at a high price may lose part of its value.

Choosing an ergonomic chair with a sitting height that suits you is one of the most important parts in the purchase / black and white tone

The seat heights of rest chairs, work chairs, and multi-purpose chairs have different selection principles. The seat height of work chairs is 35-50 cm.

Seat Width and Seat Depth

The seat width setting must be suitable for tall people, and the corresponding measurement value is self-evident, hip width.

Seat depth is also more important. If the seat depth dimension value exceeds the thigh length of a petite person, that is, the distance from the hip to the knee socket, the front edge of the seat will be pressed against the pressure-sensitive part of the knee socket, and the worker may change the waist curve in order to make the torso reach the support surface of the backrest. Sliding forward to sit, resulting in no back support for the sacral and lumbar vertebrae, so the seat depth of the work chair should be 30-40 cm.

Adjustable sitting depth is important for the function of the ergonomic chair to relieve pressure on the legs / black and white tone


The main function of the armrest is to make the arm rest on, so that the human body is in a more stable state. The armrest should not be too high, it will make you shrug and tighten your body for fear of being hindered by the armrest, and the muscles of the shoulder and neck will remain stretched for a long time and become rigid.

In order to adapt to users of different sizes, adjustable front and rear, up and down armrests have almost become the standard design of the latest ergonomic chairs / Herman Miller

And armrests that are too low, because of insufficient support for the elbows, will lead to an unconscious tendency to bend over or bend sideways. Generally, the height of the armrest of the seat is preferably 21 to 22 cm above the seat surface.

chair cushion

Chair cushions are also necessary, but you cannot choose a cushion that is too soft for comfort. Although the soft and waxy seat will allow you to relieve a certain amount of pressure, it is easy to weaken the support of the body, resulting in the insecurity of the unstable sitting posture.

After all, it can be imagined that if you are on the soft material of the lounge chair, you can only feel stable and secure when your feet rest on the solid ground. Therefore, a seat with too much elasticity will not only make the human body unable to rely on, but even because of the need to maintain a specific posture, the increase in muscle force will lead to fatigue.

You need to pay attention to the material of the seat to prevent discomfort from sitting for a long time / Okamura

Also, an overly soft seat cushion can give you a false sense of rest and forget about a tense and productive work atmosphere (it’s not).


If you are a brand party, Herman Miller, which has a long history of research and development in this field, Gangcun, which is designed for Asian human bodies, and Youmen Design, which has won many red dot design awards, are better choices; if you want cost-effectiveness Higher domestic brands, Baoyou, Xihao, Youpu, etc. also have a good reputation.

However, the seat is only an external support when you have to sit for a long time. The best way to prevent back pain is naturally to get up and move more.