Office Chairs

If you work more than 8 hours a day at your desk, then investing in an office chair is the best investment in your health. Not every chair is designed for everyone, and that’s what the ergonomic chair is all about.


A good ergonomic chair, it understands your comfort point, pays attention to ergonomics, and takes care of your physical health. Below, I will contribute to you the dry knowledge of purchasing engineering chairs accumulated over the years!



As the name suggests, the ergonomic chair is designed according to human biotechnology and engineering disciplines, and its functionality helps improve postural habits and supports different sitting positions.

A true ergonomic chair needs to meet the following points:

Covers multiple adjustment functions
Excellent ergonomic support
Contributes to the health of desk workers
Good degrees of freedom, including rotational and parallel movements


Whether buying a work chair or a home study chair, you should first consider the following factors.

Is there lumbar support
The scientific lumbar support design helps maintain the natural spine curve. Designed to improve incorrect sitting habits, help relieve back tightness after prolonged sitting, and develop a healthy and comfortable working posture.


Is there a high elastic memory foam seat cushion
The excellent elasticity, high density and thickness of memory foam provide wrapping feeling for the buttocks. Whether you are studying in the office or at home, you can enjoy a comfortable sitting feeling anytime, anywhere, without getting tired from sitting for a long time, and it can provide effective support for a whole day of work and study.

The memory foam is wrapped with a breathable mesh cover, which is conducive to air circulation and effectively avoids the phenomenon of getting hotter in summer; at the same time, it protects the memory foam from dust and sunlight and prolongs its service life.


Structural Adjustment
Height Adjustment: – Adjust as needed to support body curves, allowing each user to find a suitable sitting position.
Angle Adjustment: – Proper incline supports the back and relieves pressure on the lower back. Choose a work chair with a locking mode for tamper-proofing.
Headrest Adjustment: – If neck pain is frequent, a chair with adjustable headrest is highly recommended to provide support for the head to reduce neck pressure.
Armrest Adjustment: – Adjust the armrest height to ensure normal elbow movement.


Well, the theoretical part is over! If you choose a work chair in person, you can keep the upper body and the desktop in a 90-degree vertical state after sitting, evaluate the overall comfort of the chair by first feeling, and adjust the headrest, height, backrest inclination, etc., you can test your right Satisfaction of the chair.


No matter how rich the type or function of the chair, the sitting position is the most important. Experts recommend that you should stand up and do exercise every 30 minutes of work, which will help blood circulation, prevent venous thrombosis, and be more comfortable during long work days.

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